A Bitch Like Belle

I was born a real bitch that does real things. I know this because my favorite Disney movie has always been Beauty and the Beast since it came out in 1991. With that being said Belle is my favorite Disney princess and always has been and always will be. Why? Because she’s a real bitch, that does real things.

Okay, for starters Belle is smart, loves to read, is an oddball in her town but comfortable in her own skin. She’s beautiful and all the dudes want to get with her, but she’s too smart to fall for those losers. She’s a leader.

Then, she’s bold enough to 1) reject Gaston on a regular 2) go look for her father when nobody else would and stepped up in a strange person’s house without permission. She tamed the beast aka a thug with a heart. Only a bomb bad bitch (read: bold, genuine and real female) can do that. She loved him for him only to become a princess. She loved him past his flaws, but also challenged him to be better. During her time in the castle she treated everybody nicely and with respect.

Overall, she wasn’t perfect, but she did what was necessary and reaped the rewards because of her genuine nature.

How can you not love let alone appreciate a bitch like Belle?!

As a little girl I was never really big on reruns and watching the same thing over and over, but I could watch this movie all day. I wanted to be her for Halloween and had my room and birthday party themed after Beauty and the Beast. You couldn’t tell me nothin’ and still can’t (obviously).

I still have the movie on VHS, but not DVD (gift idea for any takers).

May I also add that she inspired girls all over the world to love reading. BAD BITCH! I’ve dreamed about having a beautiful library in my house since I was six. My place of living will never be complete without a some type of library area if not a room just dedicated to reading separate from my office/work area.

I absolutely loved that golden yellow gown  she wore as they ballroom danced. The color inspired my prom dress and will be incorporated in my wedding colors (not that I’ve planned my wedding or anything).

Lastly, I’d like to add that she didn’t wait for true love she simply lived her life and stumbled into love with her not so charming prince. Four things you can learn from Belle when it comes to love:

1-Don’t be so consumed with yourself and career that you leave no room for love. She could’ve told the beast “look I ain’t got time for you I’m busy reading this book” but she didn’t. Not only that, but there was no other women to persuade her to date him she did it because she wanted to. (Ladies, ya’ll know what I’m talkin’ about.)

2-Love takes effort and work. She went through some rough patches with the Beast even in the beginning but she saw beyond all those claws, sharp teeth and growling. In the same vain she recognized the effort that he put in also with the dinner and little changes he made. He also still made sure she had the best.

3- Let it go. She could’ve held a grudge against the Beast because he captured her father and then held her captive but she didn’t. Letting go of the anger and negative feelings toward him allowed her to fall in love. You need to let go and forgive the past men and even the dumb things your current man does to move forward and make room for love.

4-She genuinely had her man’s back. When they went to kill her man she was on her full ride or die chick. She might even be one of the original ride or dies. She saved his life and made him wanna be a better man. I just love that scene when she grabs his shirt and pulls him from falling with Gaston. #realbitch

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