HowMyBootyEndUpInTheAir?!: Let It Go!!

There’s nothing worse than encountering a “nice guy” that’s really an asshole.

I would like to dub assholes in disguise of a nice guy as “The Derwin Davis Syndrome” because he was the epitome of this type of guy on The Game. Trying to please Janay and Melanie just so he wouldn’t look like the bad guy, all the while he was being the bad guy, and an asshole. The concept popped in my mind when the show returned to BET, but I never got around to flushing out my thoughts about “nice guys” until now.

Don’t get me wrong  some men are genuinely nice guys, and then there are the perpetrators. These guys are dangerous because they have a high level of bitchassness and a very low-level of thug. You get where I’m going with this ladies?!

If you’re a smart, but adventurous and kind-hearted woman like me then you’ve dated, and even been wifed up by, a few thugs back in the day. You were young, it was fun, and life was forgiving if you didn’t have a baby or catch an incurable sexually transmitted disease.

These bad boys put you through a few things even though they truly didn’t deserve you from the gate (consider your community service completed). You grow up a bit, attend college, and run into a few nice guys. After all the past guys put you through the nice guy is refreshing. Then you realize the “nice guy” isn’t so nice after all. Even though his game seemed weak compared to the thug you realize that it’s actually air tight.

They play up their nice guy charm, and that they’re a “rarity” for us women, especially after watching CNN, and reading The New York Times which perpetuates this lie to them and us.

They wine and dine you consistently then suddenly everything just slows the fuck down. This is when things get real because when you ask them “what’s the deal?”, if you’re that bold, they have no real explanation except they’re tired or lazy. They don’t even bother to tell you their ass has been busy so that you can give them the benefit of the doubt.

You feel something incredibly shady going on in your gut. Listen to it! Let it go!

Nice assholes are real, but don’t let them, or the thugs, discourage you. The sooner you let go of them the quicker you can meet a man worthwhile. Trust me… Trust Me! All you need to do is let it go. I repeat Let It The Fuck Go! You deserve better; actually you deserve The Best! Keyshia Cole said it plain and simple

Don’t sleep on Keyshia Cole just because you’re a Beyoncé fan she breaks bread, more so in her earlier albums, but bread is bread regardless.

Back to Beyoncé  (lol) get you a new freakum dress, have a few drinks and a come to Jesus moment with your girls. You’ll be good as new, and ready for the world. You work out, eat healthy, and work hard at being the independent woman you are so why would you let a guy treat you less than you treat yourself?! Lies They Tell! You’ve overcome so much in life already this should be a piece of cake. Join the movement against Fuckboys and Bitchass men, and yes this includes nice assholes.

Feel free to comment and discuss your experience with these types of men in the comment section.

Keep It Cute, Classy, and Quality!

-TheJournalist25 xoxo

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