I’m In Love With “The Real”

Updated: Sep 12, 2020

ecently, I’ve extremely dialed back on my television intake, but in the process I picked up a new show I absolutely love.

On July 15 The Real premiered and when I first heard about this show I was excited because I basically love every person on it in some way or another. Mixed all together their chemistry is great; and their opinions are juicy.

I live for this cultural mix: Tamera Mowry-Housley represents for the black and white women because she’s half-breed and married to a white man. Then you have your chocolate, thick girl (watch out for the big girls) Loni Love, Asian persuasion with a touch of hood chick in her Jeannie Mai, Latina chica and former Cheetah Girl Adreinne Bailon, and hoodrat yet bougie black girl Tamar Braxton. It really doesn’t get any better than this!

Now I will say that Tamar is a bit turnt down from what we see on Braxton Family Values and Tiny Tonight. I’m not sure if baby Logan is the reason for the turn down or the network/show itself, but I still fux with it on the low because she gives me the ghetto lip smack and hair tossing to satisfy my thirst for her. Maybe once they get renewed for an entire season she’ll go back to her complete crunk self. We’ll see… then again this level of crunkness is perfect because she can be too much for some viewers at her normal level.

Jeannie surprised me because I’ve watched her on the Style Network for years and always loved her and her blue black hair, but didn’t have a clue that she could get so ghetto, but at the same time she is the most conservative yet liberal woman with a great sense of humor on the show. Tamera comes in a close second behind her although I wouldn’t recommend you sleep on her because between her white side and black side this girl can get kind of wild.

If you ever need a girlfriend to talk to about your chocha with Adrienne is the one I would run to. She has already shown us how to give it a facial, which I would totally buy in a jar if they sold it. Then told us she pre-washes her panties in the shower before putting them in the dirty laundry claiming it to be a latina thing. I do know this to be true for Hispanic women because I live with Dominicans and I’m always wondering why wet underwear are in the shower. Now I understand why and may join in on the fun. #whoknew

We all know Loni Love as the funny one, but she makes it very clear that she is also the single one out the group (Adreinne isn’t married but apparently got a man). She comes off a little thirsty sometimes even though its suppose to be funny. Overall, she bring plenty of jokes and comes across as the ring leader of the group of women and that single homegirl you always wanna go out for drinks with. I’m so happy for her and I’m sure Chelsea Handler is too!

Everyone is older than 30, except Adreinne, but they all have these amazing perspectives to bring to the table that is young and relatable. Their different opinions always surprises me during the first segment of the show. They definitely keep it real with fun topics I wanna hear discussed. I literally laugh the entire show. I wonder if this is the kind of enjoyment my mom gets watching The View? I just hate that it comes on in the middle of the day which kind of sucks because most people are at work (and soon I will be too).

I  encourage everyone to DVR it.. or BET to show it late night like Wendy Williams.

Speaking of Wendy, I love her, but her show has gotten a little too middle-aged white woman for me. I lost my desire to watch the show (I do wanna go to a live taping one of these days) because she comes off like the 40 something year old aunt who use to be fun but has since met Jesus, got married, had kids, and moved to the suburbs.  Now being turnt up for her is sipping tea and gossiping about other moms in the neighborhood and celebrity news she found in the tabloids. In the age of entertainment blogs nobody cares about what is in US Weekly and other tabloids, except old people out of touch.

She gets some tea, but from B list and below stars. She throws shade at a few people, but has backed down from those who have thrown full-blown flames at her (coughs Lil Kim). I love her though and so does her demographic. I on the other hand fuck with auntie Wendy that did that phone interview with Whitney Houston back in the day! #bow

Back to The Real… the show is really cute and I love watching it Monday through Friday (when I get a chance). I’m sure you will too! Check it out and et me know what you think.


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