Let’s Ride Out: NYC Subway Edition

Now that I’m in New York by far my favorite part of living in this city is the transportation. I love being able to hop on the train and go where I need or want to and with the help of Hopstop and Googlemap I feel unstoppable.

Among being able to get where I need to go I can always count on a smile being brought to my face while on the train (no matter how hard I try to hold it in). I enjoy reading or may even just be lost in my thoughts, but there is always something worth laughing at whether appropriate or not.

As of right now, I live in the Bronx, off the 6 (yeah, like J.Lo), but I find myself on various other trains bouncing around the city always on an adventure or as somebody always tells me “being ms busybody.”

One of the funniest things on the subway to me are the little boys dancing. I don’t know their official name, but they all do the same little dance routine while old folks look so amazed by their flips, acrobats, and b-boy dance style. It never fails they come on the train (usually a group of three boys) and say “What time is it?” really loud and continue with this slogan that I for one don’t understand as they mumble it really fast.

After my first month here every time I hear and see them setting up for their show I can’t help but chuckle.  One day, literally every train I took a group of boys would come and dance. At the end of every show they always collect money aka donations from passengers.

I’m convinced the trains in New York are a fucking free for all because anything goes in the train station and on the train it seems. Straight ratchetness and fuckery take place on the subway. Everyone comes on there and ask for money.

Someone will randomly start singing a song and then walk back and forth asking for money after. Someone else will do a full stand up comedy skit and then ask for money. Just a bunch of unsolicited talent shows followed by people donating money.

Sadly, people do come on the train poor, homeless, and in need asking for money and food. I feel compassion for them, but the way they get on the train and as soon as the doors close go into their spill about why they need some money tickles me for some reason. The situation isn’t funny, but they all seem to have the same script and that’s what makes it kind of funny.

With all of these donations taking place on the train, the train has the nerve to have a message asking passengers not to give money to people on the train because its illegal. Clearly the passengers don’t listen.

I’ve observed that hispanic men will offer their seat to their women in a minute, but black men (not all but most) will just sit there unless they’re about to get off the train at the next stop. I love it! lol Seriously, like I said its a free for all unless you’re pregnant or disable. I’ve seen toddlers and children standing up holding the pole on the train with their parent. I’ve seen mothers hold their baby on their hip and grab the pole with the other hand. Its bananas.

I would fashion riding the train during rush hour (or when otherwise crowded) to WWE Royal Rumble when it comes to getting on, getting off, and sometimes even getting seat. There is no ladies first or any of that nonsense, just get your ass on and rush to get a seat if possible. Best believe I caught on quickly(even though I might’ve been on the wrong train at times).

The train has brought me more entertainment than I could ever possibly ask for.  Anything from two strangers about to fight, a woman taking out her hair on the train, drunk “couples” making out, babies crying, blunts being rolled, a sexual escapade being told to the entire train, someone talking about the devil, and the list can go on happens on the New York City train.

Like literally everyday is something new! I get a good hearty laugh every single day its ridiculous.

Back in college we had to take Washington DC’s infamous 70 bus up and down Georgia Ave. and that was interesting. As far as I could remember nothing too crazy happened to me while on there, but my friends always had a crazy story. New York trains are now my 70 bus (for now).  

Am I the only one who finds riding the subway as a source of entertainment? Spill your thoughts, feelings, and stories in the comments.

-TheJournalist25 xoxo

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