Our Own Worst Enemy

I’m not sure who women are more loyal to, themselves or men. I must say that after reading Ladies and The Hip Hop That Loves To Hate Us by Amanda Seales on Clutch Magazine. I’m inspired to voice my feelings.

The fact is we as women don’t have to allow men to mistreat us but somehow I think we enjoy it. Hip hop music is made these days to cater to us. We buy the records and make artists platinum stars. Yet, we still dance and enjoy the songs that are not flattering to the limited image that media portrays women let alone women of color. Yes, I’m guilty of this too.

Back in 2005, David Banner came out with his song Play and spoke openly about how he needed a song for the ladies in order to so to speak get a hit song. It reached #7 on the Billboard Top 100. He has yet to have a bigger hit since then. There have been plenty of other male artists who didn’t have a hit until they made a female friendly song also. Even something as simple as adding a female vocal to a small part of a song can give it the edge it needs to be a hit.

Even, one of our favorite labels Maybach Music Group (MMG) is famous for its female vocals at the beginning of every song that simply says “Maybach Music.”

Strangely, I see why women get treated the way we do. After reading a few of the comments on Seales story many of the women actually blamed Amanda for her tweet. Wow! The audacity! Is that how you really feel? Women are raising their boys to be men that are bitches themselves. Real men wouldn’t have even acknowledged such a diss.

As someone who likes to tweet sarcastic things from time to time I would hate to think that its okay for a man to literally step to me because of it. I suppose this is why Chris Brown was so easily welcomed back to the scene by fans after beating Rihanna because she deserved it too?!

We rally together about every else, but will justify and make excuses for our men (brother,son, significant other, etc). Women, we are our own worse enemy when it comes to the opposite sex.


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