Single Ladies Season 2 Episode 4 “Ex-Factor”

What a GREAT Episode!

All loose ends were pretty much tied from the last episode and other previous episodes. We also jump forward two months and Lauren London’s character, Shelly, finally made her way back into the mix since the show’s premiere . Shelly is engaged to James Blackwell (Flex Alexander) that is personified as the “Barack Obama” in the political arena and now she works for her father, Jerry, as a communications director for the Atlanta Dunks. Shelly and April re-connect at the Kappa Boule’ Ball… but I’ll get to that.

This episode starts at a male strip club with all the girls, including Omar. Raquel as usual has to be schooled because this is her first time ever going to a strip club. April as usual is thirsty and picks up one of the strippers- I know he was looking good girl but what would possess you to do that? You go to a strip club to look and leave not look, book, and date but whatever. -__-

Omar looks like he was enjoying himself while advising Raquel on how to make it rain. My girl Keisha was right there pushing oiled up men on Raquel too. She got herself a lap dance and began to hallucinate that the dancer is Malcolm.

Next, we find ourselves in V and finally meet Raquel’s father. He’s the chairman of the board for the Kappa Boule Ball, and extends three tickets for her and the ladies to attend. Once again Omar is left out.

We find out Raquel is going to change the name of V too. They’re wiping all traces of Val away.

April Liar’s Game:

April has no idea what the Kappa Boule’ Ball is. As uptight, educated, and successful as her husband was I just knew he would put her up on game a long time ago. Nonetheless, she’s game for going. Who wouldn’t accept a free $2500 ticket with a promise of high society’s single black men?

Before the ball, she lies about going to the gym and gets caught actually going out with the stripper and then the ladies put her on blast while they walk into the ball since she wants to continue to play dumb. Raquel introduces her to a nice gentleman, Reggie, to get her started for the night because they think the stripper is just for fun. Little do they realize she really likes him.

Throughout the night everyone is pretty much being rude to her. She doesn’t realize but its because they recognize her for being one of Mayor Howard’s mistresses until Reggie’s mom calls her out on it as he’s about to ask her out on a date. A spunky older woman, Josephine (Margaret Avery), shuts Reggie’s momma down and then schools April. I personally feel like April deserved the ridicule because they haven’t brought up the reprecussions of her affair all season. Bitch, it didn’t go away.

Josephine was breaking bread with her like an original OG. April comes to terms with the fact that she’s dating a stripper and the next day introduces him to the girls only to find out they dont care foreal.

Clearly, this relationship is not gonna work but we’ll let her quench her thirst for now.

Raquel The Truth:

We meet all her “friends” including Taylor, a bonafide frienemy aka BITCH!

Raquel’s mother is pushing her to get back with Victor, but she is not going for that. She eludes to the fact that her father cheated and again Raquel is sooo shocked, poor thing is the epitome of sheltered.

She discusses it with her father during a dance and he in his own ways admits that its true and he has also learned his lesson unlike Victor’s ass.

Speaking of Victor, he tries to get back into Raquel’s good graces. She was starting to buy it when some girl walks up to him and calls him baby. She goes off on him like a “Baby Version of Keisha”

Raquel also meets a new man, Charles, but ends up ditching him to dance with her dad. Then when Keisha needs her she leaves without saying goodbye to him or even exchanging contact info. Good thing Atlanta is small they’ll run into each other again.

Keisha To Be Real:

My girl is still trying to hold strong but she’s losing at this point. She’s still in love with Malcolm, and they’re both being stubborn. Keisha finally breaks down in private after finding out that Malcolm has a new girlfriend- that bitch with a trust fund and tacky ass weave, Taylor. Yes, you can see it in Malcolm’s eyes that he loves Keisha still, but how you gonna get a new girlfriend in the meantime in between time. Its one thing to fuck bitches and another to give a new female a title after two months of breaking up with the woman you “love”.

As usual my girl Keisha plays it cool in front of Malcolm, but she did weep on the low and break down at the end of the party. A day or so later Malcolm shows up at her door to apologize about not telling her about Taylor. Just when a reconciliation looks like its possible here comes Sean ass!!! NIGGA! Mind you he was not invited over either.

It looks like Keisha rather entertain Sean than be weak for Malcolm. Her strength in front of Malcolm is a front and its starting to work against her. She’s not ready to fold yet. She rather keep playing the game. That was the perfect opportunity to fold too… until Sean came.

Side Note: Raquel’s mother tries to come at Keisha again during the ball when they see each other. I think she secretly use to be her or wants to be her.

We also find out that Taylor is moving into Malcolm’s house when she stops by the boutique to get the $15,000 Keisha donated at the boule.

I have nothing to say to Keisha at this point. This is about to be a tough few episodes to watch.

-TheJournalist25 xoxo

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