The Depressing Life Of Mary Jane

Last night, we finally got to see what the fuss was all about with Being Mary Jane starring Gabrielle Union. I’ll admit overall it was a good show and the look was the best quality I’ve ever seen on BET, but it was depressing to say the least. Didn’t you think so?!

I couldn’t help but think “this is really some poor black woman’s life,” and cringe. Television is supposed to be an exaggeration of life not an exact depiction. It’s suppose to still give you something to believe in and a reason to root for the main character. There was no real light at the end of the tunnel for her. I just felt bad for her all around. She’s single, sleeping with a married man, secretly jealous of her niece because she has children, and she basted sperm from a condom for God’s sake. Oh and baking cake at 2 in the morning, did any one else find that alarming? Please tell me that isn’t depressing to watch as a black woman.

If that was my life being mimicked I wouldn’t be able to watch it. There’s just no way because it would hit too close to home. The only fabulous thing about Mary Jane are her tangible items- clothes, weave, house, and car. Other than that she isn’t happy in any shape or form. She’s back pedaling to men from her past and crying on the shoulder of a gay man who has a partner. Can her gay friend being single too at least? lol Where are her girlfriends at with the wine and shit talking to cheer her up?

I just didn’t realize being a black successful woman was this complex. I pray I never have to find out first hand either. At the end of the show I’m still confused on the point of it. Granted I will continue to watch it, but I need Single Ladies back on ASAP. I need to see women with more glamour, power, and seem to at least have fun and an active dating life. I’m not about Mary Jane’s life at all. I see where there could be strength in watching her, but she’s nothing little girls should seemingly look up to.

At least Olivia Pope is running DC, has power, and a team that will do anything for her. Keisha and Raquel are dating men left and right while attending grand events with the elite of ATL. Mary Jane just goes to work fighting to get to nightly news, enables her family, and has sex with men that makes her feel empty after. DEPRESSION ALERT!

For the record, that was very dumb of her to stand him up at the diner (or wherever the hell they were meeting) with that dumb ass speech only to let him come in her house with tortilla chips and salsa then sex her. That was backwards as hell! He could’ve brought her a real meal like Chick Fil A or Waffle House or Chipotle. Don’t you think?!

Well, if this show does anything for the single black woman I hope that it motivates us to take a good look in the mirror whether to prevent or cure our lives of unhappiness. I’m certainly NOT about Mary Jane’s life and you can quote me on that in the future. Although, I would love to have her house.

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