The Reprise

I know you’re probably wondering where my Single Ladies post is for this week. It’s coming don’t trip!

In The Meantime… here’s a fictional story about sleeping with an old flame from back in the day. Sometimes there is just that one ex that you try your hardest not to sleep with anymore, but wouldn’t mind another wrestle in the sheets with them. It may happen, it may not, but what if it did?

Prepared for my visitor, I pulled open the door as he walked over the threshold. I quickly slammed it close and we embrace each other. My arms around his neck. His arms around my waist. My head meets his chest and I took in his scent.

No words were exchanged as I lead him through the dark. Its a path he’s familiar with.

I was reluctant to share this moment with him again but my body wouldn’t have it any other way. It had been a while and a few other men between the last time we were intimate.

He presented the opportunity on numerous occasions before with text messages and phone calls- I ignored them so I wouldn’t fall victim to my flesh- but now I was giving in because my body needed only what he could supply. He caught me at a weak moment and now I’m relapsing back into his arms.

As I close the door to my bedroom and turn on my manicured toes to see him sitting on the edge of my bed with a sly smile. He had slithered his way back into my life, even if it was just for the night, and was ready to inject me with his venom.

I crawled into my bed from the other side half naked and sat on top of the comforter Indian style. I looked at him in a coy manner. He slid to me and softly kissed my neck. I instantly became weak. His kisses always had that effect on me. He slipped my tank top off. My body began to evaporate under him as he placed his lips all over my body.

He smiled at me again knowing he had authority over my body. I mustered up the energy to roll on my side. Still familiar with my cat and mouse game he snatched my legs, pulled off my panties, and prepared to break the silence of my voice.

It was dripping and he hadn’t touched it yet. Reacquainted with his old friend he looked at it with endearing eyes and dived right in. Unable to brace myself I let out a heavy sigh.

Before long my whimpers turned to cries. He held my waist tightly as I squirmed. I felt the heat slowly rising up from the pressure he was applying. I gripped the sheets as if it were a life raft. I didn’t want to be saved though. It was too late anyway, I had already sunk into lustful pleasure, and was ready to drown.

Dawn was slowly starting to creep through the night. The birds were beginning to chirp outside my windows as I was moaning. Finally he had pushed me past my limit.

Only he could make me quiver and shake with such ease and tact. Almost as if he created my body himself.

As I caught my breathe he strapped up for the wild ride that was about to begin. He went in my space just like I remembered and our rhythm was synchronized. I pulled him in close to me holding his head with my arms pushing it into my chest.

“Aaah!!” with each stroke. Ecstasy.

I rolled over without separating or losing our pace. I ended up on top grinding, twirling, and bouncing up and down.

We looked at each other intensely. We kissed and allowed our bodies to say everything we knew wasn’t true- I love you. Our lustful needs loved each other still but that was about it.

Our bodies intertwined. We were wrapped in the intensity of the moment as if neither one of us wanted it to end. The pleasure was indescribable and the reality of our body’s lies could no longer be concealed.

As it got brighter outside our bodies reached their peaks and the escapade was over. I was satisfied. He was satisfied. My body was covered by a blanket and lifeless. I managed to get up and go to the bathroom while he got dressed. I had no regrets. I crawled back into the bed. He slapped my ass, caressed my hair, and kissed my cheek as if to say “checkmate.”

I fell asleep after I heard him slam my apartment door close.



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